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Project Blue Book: Epic Drama video set tour, Malarkey-Gillen podcast, Instagram posts from cast

We’re tracking what the Project Blue Book cast is up to these days: Instagram, videos, podcasts! Here is this week’s wrap-up of news. 👽 Project Blue Book recently debuted via Epic Drama in Central/Eastern Europe. @CinemaConfidential (Instagram) is dropping videos every week or so – with cast, crew, etc. These videos are definitely worth watching …

Project Blue Book News

Season 3 Project Blue Book: #RenewBlueBook Campaign Continues!

As many fans are aware, Project Blue Book’s season 3 renewal has yet to be announced. To let @History and @HistoryBlueBook know just how much the fans want another season, everyone is invited to join the “15 Days Challenge”. It’s easy! Just visit the tweet below and leave your response. Don’t forget to tag every …

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Project Blue Book: Season 3 – #RenewBlueBook

Project Blue Book

UPDATE: March 29th – New Image added! The season 2 finale of Project Blue Book has aired, and wow, that was an intense episode with an ending that shocked the fans. It also left us with a nail-biting cliffhanger and the question:  ‘what about season 3’?  While the show isn’t cancelled, there’s been no renewal …

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Project Blue Book: Season 2 finale news & Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Aidan Gillen as Allen Hynek

Season 2 may be over but we’re hoping for news on Season 3! Stay tuned to this site for the latest news! 🛸  Creator/executive producer David O’Leary sat down with to talk about “Operation Mainbrace.” “The whole point of Operation Mainbrace was to flex NATO’s force and show the Russians that we would be …

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Project Blue Book: Season 2 finale teaser video (TVInsider), Michael Harney PSA

Michael Malarkey as Quinn

Hold on, Quinn is recklessly charging ahead, regardless of the consequences, while  Hynek is now the voice of reason?? It looks like HyneQuinn are getting into deep trouble in the dramatic season 2 finale, “Operation Mainbrace.” Tensions run high when an unidentified submersible object interferes with a largescale naval exercise which takes place near Russian …

Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Season 3, Season 2 finale teasers, Paul Hynek, Michael Malarkey, Epic Drama, Aidan Gillen & more!

Operation Mainbrace

UPDATE: TVInsider hits us with another exciting preview that has us very, very worried about the safety of our heroes – especially the one who claims he can pilot a sub! Ouch, this one hurts. Watch at your own risk! Paul Hynek was interviewed by the UFO podcast Truth Be Told. He spoke about …

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Project Blue Book: Season 3, Aidan Gillen, Laura Mennell, Neal McDonough & more

Laura Mennell, Neal McDonough, Michael Malarkey

Perhaps the most popular fan question on social media with regards to Project Blue Book is ‘where is the season 3 renewal’? In season one, the renewal was announced a few weeks in but it usually takes longer in the following years. addressed that issue in a March 12th article. Project Blue Book (History, …