4 Things I Want to See on Project Blue Book Season 2

The cameras are rolling on Season 2 of Project Blue Book! Amazing, huh? What new stories will they tell? What will Hynek and Quinn have to face? Only time (and maybe the panel guests at Comic-Con) will tell.

Let’s kick off this exciting day with a list of the 4 things I’d love to see in the upcoming season. These are NOT SPOILERS. Just the wishful thinking of me and my fannish friends.

More Quinn Background

In the first season, we got to know Hynek and his family fairly well but we only got a few bits and bobs on Quinn. We do know that he was trained to be an interrogator during the war and was good at his job. We also know that he saw unspeakable horrors as part of a concentration camp liberation force. So more Quinn history please – and maybe give us some war flashbacks to go with it.

More Conspiracies, Less Objects in the Sky

Project Blue Book is based in UFO lore, so I don’t expect them to stop writing stories about objects in the sky. But to keep things juicy, I want to see HyneQuinn pulled deeper down the conspiracy rabbit hole with stories about mind control, human experimentation, and alien technology gone wrong.

Susie as a Double Agent

Now that Susie is on her own, she’ll need protection from the Russians and who better to protect her than our own Captain Quinn. But he’s already suspicious of her so I predict he’ll romance her a bit then flip her. We already had the double agent discussion with Rizzuto, so it seems like an easy fit. (And we’re all up for a little SusiQuinn action, for sure!)

A Full-on Hurt-Comfort Episode

Now that Quinn and Hynek have grown attached to each other, it’s time to up the bromance quotient with an old fashioned hurt-comfort episode (Supernatural does it beautifully. Or Starsky & Hutch if you’re of that era)

Basically, one of the two of them gets badly hurt and the other has to protect and comfort while finding a way to escape the bad guys or another dire predicament. (Probably Quinn hurt so Hynek has to take charge.)

Cliche? Oh yes. Fan favorite? Yes, yes. Throw us fangirls a bone, PBB. We’ll love you even more than we already do.

Now it’s your turn. What plot points, real UFO events, monsters and or mayhem would you like to see in Season Two?

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