Aidan Gillen: “Awkwardness is familiar to me” German Interview

There’s a new interview with Aidan Gillen from a German website called TV Now. It’s a fun piece where Aidan talks about life out there, the Hynek’s down here and the sound of his own voice – sort of.

It’s in German here:

A couple of bits via Google Translate:

On his voice being dubbed for foreign TV:

“It has always been cool to watch DVDs and listen to Turkish or Russian suddenly – you can really impress your friends with it * laughs * . The first time I was dubbed in the 90s for the movie, Mojo ‘. After appearing in other languages, someone came up to me and said, ‘Italian Tom Cruise lent you his voice’ – I never got closer to Cruise.

I’m going to watch one of my shows in German right now to hear how I sound – it’s going to be entertaining. “

On playing the slightly eccentric Hynek:

“Awkwardness, I can easily pose as it is something familiar to me [the awkwardness comes natural to me]. I’m one of those actors who are actually rather shy and insecure – that’s why I started acting in the first place. 50 percent of the actors I know are more reserved people, the other 50 percent have always been extroverted.

But yes, to be honest, none of his traits have felt like from another planet * laughs * . ” “

The article also has an image from Operation Paperclip that is new to us!

Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey, l.) und Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) Die Verwendung des sendungsbezogenen Materials ist nur mit dem Hinweis und Verlinkung auf TVNOW gestattet. Foto: TVNOW/ (c) 2017-2018 Ed Araquel

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