Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, the Ladies of Project Blue Book & more pictures!

Laura Mennell

🛸 Aidan Gillen appeared in the music video “A Hero’s Death” for the musical group Fontaines D.C. earlier this year. Hot Press has an 8-page article on the group, including a portion on Aidan (…an exclusive look at Grian’s hand-written lyrics for A Hero’s Death and celebrity fan Aidan Gillen on why he had to be in their video (“Who doesn’t want to wear a claret coloured polo neck with a blue suit and have a voodoo doll version of yourself get pecked apart by a papier-mâché crow?”)) The magazine hit newsstands on Thursday July 16, so check your newsstand. Details at

🛸 Michael Malarkey’s next Twitch session is August 2nd at 1:00pm ET. He’ll be discussing his song “Damage Me Deeply” from his Graveracer album. And tweeting! (Image from July 12th Twitch chat)

🛸 The ladies of Project Blue Book participated in the B&W #challengeaccepted tag on Instagram. Here are beautiful images of Laura Mennell (Mimi), Jill Morrison (Faye), Hayley McLaughlin (Rebecca in season 2), and Heather Doerksen (Donna in season 1)

🛸 Nicholas Holmes (Joel Hynek) is staying in shape during these COVID-19 quarantine times, as his Instagram post attests 😊

🛸 More great publicity images, this time from season 2’s “Close Encounters” episode. Courtesy of @CanalTNT. In fact, two tweets with pictures!

🛸 And History Japan dropped this one as an introductory tweet for William aka Unseen aka The Fixer, played by Ian Tracey.

🛸 Don’t forget. Saturday, August 1st is #SaveBlueBookSaturday, aimed once again at @PeacockTV. Get your memes (and tweets) ready!

🛸 Paul Hynek did an interview with on July 28th. If you missed it, never fear – the podcast is loaded at the link below for your listening pleasure.

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