Aidan Gillen on Allen Hynek (Hollywood Reporter)

In this January 2019 interview, Aidan talks about the real Allen Hynek and how his research impacts the way he plays the role on Project Blue Book.

“The first characteristic that became really apparent was his thoughtfulness and intelligence and determination and individuality, and even though he’s not a total outsider and eccentric, he did things his own way,” Gillen says of his research into Hynek’s life. “As a result, he was often maligned by both sides of the UFO argument. He wasn’t single-minded or persuaded by any one argument, and the fact that he was doing that while working within a government agency is quite fascinating. One of the reasons he stayed working in [researching UFOs] was because despite the many misgivings he might have had about the way his research had been treated, he knew that this was where he was going to have access to the material and he couldn’t have been in a better place for someone who was as curious about this phenomenon as he was. And he never really got the answers to [all of his questions].”

Read the full interview at the Hollywood Reporter

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