Aidan Gillen on Dublin, Fave Movies and Taking Risks

This unusual interview with a Russian website digs a little deeper into the life and times of Aidan Gillen. The reporter certainly did his homework and asked some terrific questions.

Here’s a small snippet thanks to Google Translate – so forgive me if it’s not exact.

Can you tell us something about your childhood that you spent in Dublin? It is a city with a rich history and great literary and artistic traditions. Tell a little about it.

I grew up in Dublin in the 70s and 80s. In a large family. I am the youngest of six children. And Dublin, indeed, is a wonderful city with a wonderful literary and artistic tradition. People do not always realize this, but still, this tradition is woven into everyday life, in the way people talk to each other, what kind of music they listen to. So it was good to grow in it. But I left the city as a teenager in the hope of making an acting career and until recently I lived outside of Dublin. And only recently I returned home.

You already mentioned the picture “Close Encounters of the Third Degree” by Stephen Spielberg. And what other TV shows and films influenced you as a child? Were there any people who made you want to become an actor?

Yes, many films inspired me for an acting career. It was interesting for me to watch how performers play in them. At the age of 15-17, the “Fighting Fish” by Francis Ford Coppola, which starred Mickey Rourke, Matt Dillon and Sean Penn, was important for me. The latter was an actor whom I admired. When I was a teenager, I was still very fond of the film entitled “Point blank”, as well as “Agents Falcon and Snowman” and “Deer Hunter.” I just loved the movie. Then VCRs just appeared, and my brother and I watched all the tapes that we came across, of any genre: science fiction, westerns, horror films, dramas, an arthouse. This was my film education. I did not go to drama school, did not study as an actor. I just watched all the films available to me, sometimes two or three times.

Read the full interview here.

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