Aidan Gillen Talks to W Radio in Columbia

With Project Blue Book premiering in even more countries around the world, the cast has been doing interviews with a variety of international outlets. Last week Michael Malarkey talked with a journalist in South Africa and now here’s an interview Aidan Gillen did with W Radio out of Columbia.

The interviewer only speaks Spanish but has a translator, so if you don’t speak Spanish hang in there or skim over to the woman’s voice – she translates the questions into English for Aidan to answer.

He talks about the actual Allen Hynek, about his fascination with alien abductions and Hynek’s relationship with Quinn.

“When I was a kid I was quite fascinated with this subject probably because it coincided with Close Encounters of the Third Kid, Spielberg’s film. It came out around when I was ten and I was quite obsessed with that film and I was out watching the skies for years. And I certainly saw somethings I couldn’t explain. I even reported one to a newspaper when I was eleven years old.”

“The main relationship Hynek has within this drama is with his co-worker, an Air Force Captain Michael Quinn. . . it’s kind of a forced companionship, if you like, one of those classic TV pairings, or dramatic pairings where it’s two guys who rub each other up the wrong way, who don’t really get on who are forced together through circumstances to spend practically all their time with each other.”

Listen to the whole interview at W Radio.

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