AlienCon Project Blue Book Podcast

Earlier this year, several members of the PBB team held a panel discussion at AlienCon. Showrunner Sean Jablonski was joined by co-Exec Producer Harley Peyton and the real Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s son, Paul Hynek. Helming is our favorite podcast host, SYFY WIRE’s Tara Bennett.

Sean talks about how “You never let facts get in the way of telling a good story. We are inspired by the history, but we indulge.”

Paul talks about how it’s “not super creepy at all to have the supervillain from Game of Thrones play your TV father.” And he talks about the special gifts he gave Aidan and Laura to help them channel the real Hyneks.

On the HyneQuinn of it all, Sean says:

“They have this beautiful report, it’s a little Butch and Sundance or Spock and Kirk. What’s a wonderful process to watch is as they get to know each other you’re getting to know their rhythms, how to write for them, it’s this evolving process.

They’re walking down the street but they talking over each other and it’s the kind of banter you can only get when you’re comfortable with someone and you’re not precious about things and you’re being very authentic.

Oh and: “Two of the nicest human beings you’ll ever meet, Michael and Aidan.”

As for the monster in the tank in Operation Paperclip”

“That’s Albert! (The monkey) When we were looking for a moment that delivered a good shock but kept it grounded with a real world explanation it felt like a good moment to do that. Did we make the monkey a little bigger,did we stretch the features a little bit, of course.”

For the full podcast, click here! It’s a great way to keep the excitement going as we head full-steam toward January 21.

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