Catching Up with Michael Malarkey and the Graveracer Tour

Michael Malarkey (our own Captain Quinn) is finishing up the last leg of his European tour with a show in Milan tomorrow night. Over the past month, fans have posted hundreds of photos and videos from his shows and you can find them by searching #michaelmalarkey and #graveracer on Instgram and Twitter.

A few international outlets have also posted reviews including this new one from Budapest with some fantastic photos (including the one in the header of this post so credit to Enikő Bianka Dancs ! ) Here’s a piece courtesy of Google Translate:

Lessons from touring

“As you say, touring is a kind of nomadic life that taught me to accept everything that comes. “You are far from your home, on the go all the time, and you live in your suitcase. But still fun. You go through many cities, you meet a lot of people, and hopefully you travel with people you love – just like me. ” However, when the action ends, you don’t have time to turn in. “Then it’s time for me to be a father again,” he says with a laugh. “Sure, it’s a difficult transformation, but it’s worth it!”

“In recent years, he has also realized that he cannot focus on his musical and acting career at the same time: “When I shoot a movie, I just do it, but when I write a song, it’s a completely different page. I used to do everything at once, but I went crazy. Part of the album is that we are too rushed, though we should slow down. (“Graveracer,” running to the grave – ed.) It’s hard to explain what the album is about because I wrote it instead of talking about it, but I think that’s what it has to say. ”

Also check out the review from The One in Amsterdam.

Fantastic tour photos from MonkeyPress.

And a video interview from The Stars Wanted.

If you’re in any one of the upcoming tour cities click here to get tickets:

Jan 31 ITA Milan, Gate
Feb 01 GER Munich, Strom
Feb 03 UKR Kiev, Caribbean Club
Feb 07 SPA Barcelona, Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm
Feb 08 SPA Madrid, Moby Dick

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