Catching up with the Project Blue Book Cast

A quick update on the show and on what the Project Blue Book actors are up to these days!

🛸 Zach McGowan, whom fans will recognize as Duncan Booker from season 2 episodes “The Roswell Incident” parts 1 & 2, will be on the May 1st and 8th episodes of CBS’ “MacGyver” TV series. He’ll play Roman. If you miss it, you can catch it on video-on-demand or CBS All Access.

Zach McGowan
Zach McGowan (“Roswell Incident”) on MacGyver on CBS

You can follow @Zach_McGowan on Twitter or visit his Instagram page. He will also be doing a live Twitter chat for his latest project on Saturday, April 25th.

Michael Malarkey was interviewed for EPIC Drama Bulgaria. Season 2 of Project Blue Book began there recently and Epic is keeping up with press information on their Facebook page. You can read the article at and unless you read Bulgarian, you will need an online tool to translate.

Aidan Gillen turned 52 on April 24th, and fans are posting Happy Birthday tweets and Instagram posts everywhere! Just search his name on Twitter/Instagram to see the imaginative ways fans are celebrating.

History Channel is continuing to post little videos on Twitter and Facebook, which is a good sign. The latest is one of Neal McDonough as General Harding, as Harding tries to reconcile his religious beliefs with the existence of little grey men from outer space.

Lastly, a fan on Instagram posted the Russian-language dubbed trailer for season 2 Project Blue Book. There’s no new footage, but it is interesting to listen to someone else do the voices for HyneQuinn! You can view it at

🛸A quick commercial break 😉  The #RenewBlueBook campaign continues across social media, so until we fans get word from History on a renewal, keep tweeting and posting on Instagram. There’s still no word on a season 2 DVD/Blu-Ray either! Season 2 will disappear off History’s video-on-demand on May 23rd from the looks of it, which will leave fans having to resort to pay-streaming of the show. So, keep posting, sharpen your Photoshop skills and create new images (see below, feel free to share this image) as photos always catch people’s attention.

RenewBlueBook Logo 9
#RenewBlueBook #FindQuinn image for season 3 renewal.

🛸Because the entertainment industry has ground to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Project Blue Book cast have been posting on social media. Aidan Gillen doesn’t have a website or participate in social media, but his co-stars do. Most post on Instagram, although they do appear on Twitter here and there. Here are some samples of their posts over the past several weeks.

Michael Malarkey is more into posting Instagram stories than posts, but he obviously has kids underfoot  Er, adult language removed 😊 because this site is available to all ages.

Michael Malarkey Instagram story (2020)

Michael posted the below amusing movie on April 22nd. No idea if he made it, if someone else made it, or if it’s new or old footage. We want to know! A fan saved the story to their Instagram account for posterity as IG stories go poof after 24 hours. 😊

Nadine Lewington (Kelly on season 1 episode “Foo Fighters” and Michael Malarkey’s wife) has posted pictures of her shopping (in masks) and of their son, Marlon. This is a great Spring-time photo.

Ksenia Solo is relaxing with her favorite friend:

Laura Mennell celebrated her birthday:

Neal McDonough did some video chats. I think these just pop up as I keep missing them. I like how he does costumes for them.

Michael Harney posted a behind-the-scenes image from Project Blue Book.

David O’Leary (Creator/executive producer) posted a video for the #MoveYourNumbers challenge to Support the American Diabetes Association. He is also active on Twitter every Friday posting Project Blue Book-related #FanArtFriday compilations!

Jerod Haynes (Agent Banks, season 2) has discovered… TikTok! He has also been posting about the release of his movie “Blueprint” on Amazon Prime.

Sofia Milos (Daria, season 2) is making us feel guilty for sitting in front of a computer as she shows off her great exercise routines. 😉

Hayley McLaughlin (Rebecca in season 2 episodes “Hopkinsville” and “Men in Black”) participated in the #Readasonnet #SonnetChallenge. Fantastic reading!

Jill Morrison (Faye) has been busy posting images and videos from her new Freeform series “Motherland.”

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