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Top 5 Funniest HyneQuinn Moments in Project Blue Book

Every episode of Project Blue Book is filled with drama, action and mystery – but there are also some pretty funny moments thanks to the chemistry between the two lead characters Hynek and Quinn (aka HyneQuinn) and (maybe even more importantly) the chemistry between the two lead actors Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey. Here are …

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The Washington Post Looks Forward to the Season Finale

In this lighter promo piece, The Washington Post muses about the upcoming finale episode set in Washington DC. The interesting bits in this piece are quotes from the real Joel Hynek and his brother Paul – want to know what Allen Hynek did with the “extra money” he made working for Blue Book? The boys …


Project Blue Book: The Scoutmaster S1E7 Archive

After a Scoutmaster vanishes when he and his troop witness a strange craft hovering in the woods, Hynek is sent to investigate for Project Blue Book, while Quinn is pulled into a rogue mission for General Harding. Inspired by the Sonny DesVergers Scoutmaster UFO case. Air Date: Feb 19, 2019 Official Podcast for the episode …