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Hollywood Reporter Chats with the Cast of Project Blue Book

The Hollywood Reporter has a fantastic 30 minute interview with the cast and crew of Project Blue Book. Very laid back, informative and filled with new clips and images from Season Two. A couple of highlights: Aidan talks (in his opinion way too much) about Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Michael talks about the …

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AlienCon Project Blue Book Podcast

Earlier this year, several members of the PBB team held a panel discussion at AlienCon. Showrunner Sean Jablonski was joined by co-Exec Producer Harley Peyton and the real Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s son, Paul Hynek. Helming is our favorite podcast host, SYFY WIRE’s Tara Bennett. Sean talks about how “You never let facts get in …

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Blue Book Cinematographer Gets ASC Nomination

We’re always impressed with the cinematic look of Project Blue Book and it appears we’re not alone! The American Society of Cinematographers has nominated Project Blue Book’s own C Kim Miles for work on The Flatwoods Monster. This episode included several dark and mysterious shots in the woods that had to be difficult to light …

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Project Blue Book Season 2: Mimi & the Generals

A few more Season 2 photos this time focusing on Mimi and the Generals. Doesn’t Mimi look adorable in these? Not sure why, but she looks different to me (not that she wasn’t always lovely!) Happy to see her taking a more active role in her husband’s new-found passion. Photos by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORY Copyright 2019

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Project Blue Book Season 2 Photos

We’ve uncovered a secret document with photos of Hynek and Quinn. All very hush hush. Photos by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORY Copyright 2019 HISTORY’S HIT DRAMA SERIES ‘PROJECT BLUE BOOK’ RETURNS TUESDAY, JANUARY 21 AT 10 PM ET/PT 10-EPISODE SOPHOMORE SEASON EXPLORES REAL LIFEICONIC CASES ROSWELL AND AREA 51 New York, NY – November 19, 2019 – HISTORY’s …

Filming and Production, Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book Drops Official Season 2 Trailer

Danger! Lies! Spies! And romance! Wow, there’s a lot packed into this season 2 trailer from History Channel. Here’s the YouTube version which is high quality. If you catch it on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see an introduction from Michael Malarkey. And we have an official date! January 21st. Read for this? To see it …