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Project Blue Book File #080919

It’s time for another Project Blue Book Roundup. This week’s case file includes mentions from a child guest star, new cast members and Aidan, Aidan, Aidan. Let’s start with a mention in an interview with child actor, Mason McKenzie. He talks about his experience working on the Project Blue Book episode ‘The Scoutmaster’ over at …

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Jerod Haynes Joins Project Blue Book

Another casting notice from Deadline and this one also has a bit of a spoiler attached, so read at your own risk – but it’s GOOD stuff. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT “Haynes will play Daniel Banks. A high-ranking, charismatic CIA operative, Dr. Hynek (Gillen) and Captain Michael Quinn (Malarkey) first encounter Agent Daniel Banks (Haynes) …

Filming and Production, Project Blue Book News

Keir O’Donnell Joins Project Blue Book Cast

Deadline announced that Australian actor Keir O’Donnell will be joining Project Blue Book this season. Keir has guested on a wide variety of TV shows including Fargo, Sun Records, and United States of Tara. He’s most recently known for his work on Legion. SPOILERS BELOW As partially revealed in Comic-Con interviews, “O’Donnell will play Even …