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Project Blue Book Production Designer Takes Us Back in Time

This fascinating article from The History Channel takes us behind the scenes with production designer Ross Dempster to learn more about how his team created the authentic 1950’s look that we’ve all fallen in love with on Project Blue Book. “There was a particular house [of his] that inspired the Hynek house, which had a …

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Project Blue Book Season 2 Talk with Express UK

Project Blue Book just wrapped its first season a few days ago in the UK, so the folks across the pond want to know what’s next. This article from Express UK fills in a few blanks with exclusive quotes from Michael Malarkey. ‚ÄúDavid and Sean, our showrunner and creator were saying they wanted to push …

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Project Blue Book Season 2: Filming Dates

Hollywood North (aka Vancouver) Buzz says Project Blue Book will be up and running again starting in July and running through November. This will be a real change for the cast who spent most of the first season filming in the pouring rain and freezing cold. Ironically, the show has hinted that our boys could …

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Antarctica, the CIA, and a Missing Scene Returns

In this interview with Entertainment Weekly, Project Blue Book Showrunner, Sean Jablonski talks a bit about what’s coming up in Season Two. He also lets you in on a little secret involving the final scene of Hynek at the observatory. It’s the magic of television. . . Click the link for the full story.