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Spencer Grammer & Jill Morrison
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Episode “Area 51” tidbits, casting info & ratings

History Channel has uploaded a brief follow-up video for Project Blue Book‘s third episode of season 2, “Area 51”. David O’Leary, Michael Malarkey and Laura Mennell all talk about the episode as well as their own characters. “His journey,” said Malarkey of Captain Quinn, “is an intense one this season. I feel like it’s really …

Aidan Gillen, Interviews, The Crew

Podcasts: David O’Leary, Paul Hynek, Aidan Gillen & more.

You can take Project Blue Book with you on your smartphone or listen to in the car thanks to a variety of interviews available on downloadable podcasts. Series creator/executive producer David O’Leary spoke at length with Ryan Sprague at the long-running UFO-themed podcast, Somewhere in the Skies. Topics include the series, the cast, and UFOs. …

Wesley MacInnes

Guest actor Wesley MacInnes Talks UFOs, Aidan Gillen & More

Multi-talented Canadian actor/singer Wesley MacInnes spoke extensively with Hollywood North Magazine about his time on the set of “The Roswell Incident, part 1” of Project Blue Book. Unlike some guest spots where the person has a line or two, Wes played Damon, an Air Police who got to stop (and order around) Quinn and Hynek …

Interviews, Michael Malarkey

Catching Up with Michael Malarkey and the Graveracer Tour

Michael Malarkey (our own Captain Quinn) is finishing up the last leg of his European tour with a show in Milan tomorrow night. Over the past month, fans have posted hundreds of photos and videos from his shows and you can find them by searching #michaelmalarkey and #graveracer on Instgram and Twitter. A few international …

Aidan Gillen, Interviews, Michael Malarkey, Project Blue Book News, The Crew

Project Blue Book File #12920

The past two weeks have been overloaded with new interviews from the cast and crew and each one has a new tidbit. Here are a few of the highlights: interviewed series creator David O’Leary. O’Leary added that the show tries not to show the same kind of UFO sightings in each episode; some have …

Aidan Gillen, Interviews

Adian Gillen and Neal McDonough on the Project Blue Book NY Tour

This past week, Aidan Gillen and Neal McDonough visited a number of locations in New York City doing press for the upcoming season of Project Blue Book. Normally we see Michael Malarkey with Aidan but as he’s on tour in Europe, it was up to General Harding to fill in. The best interview was at …

Filming and Production, Interviews

Hollywood Reporter Chats with the Cast of Project Blue Book

The Hollywood Reporter has a fantastic 30 minute interview with the cast and crew of Project Blue Book. Very laid back, informative and filled with new clips and images from Season Two. A couple of highlights: Aidan talks (in his opinion way too much) about Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Michael talks about the …

Filming and Production, Interviews, The Crew

AlienCon Project Blue Book Podcast

Earlier this year, several members of the PBB team held a panel discussion at AlienCon. Showrunner Sean Jablonski was joined by co-Exec Producer Harley Peyton and the real Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s son, Paul Hynek. Helming is our favorite podcast host, SYFY WIRE’s Tara Bennett. Sean talks about how “You never let facts get in …