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Dingleberrys and Funky Winker Beans! Malarkey and Gillen Interview

Bonnie Krebs conducted this interview with Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen prior to the series premiere. They discuss the real life Project Blue Book, their own UFO research (vast!), Michael talks about why he chose to do the show and Aidan gets excited about playing good guy for a change. They discuss a recent UFO …

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Antarctica, the CIA, and a Missing Scene Returns

In this interview with Entertainment Weekly, Project Blue Book Showrunner, Sean Jablonski talks a bit about what’s coming up in Season Two. He also lets you in on a little secret involving the final scene of Hynek at the observatory. It’s the magic of television. . . Click the link for the full story.

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The Washington Post Looks Forward to the Season Finale

In this lighter promo piece, The Washington Post muses about the upcoming finale episode set in Washington DC. The interesting bits in this piece are quotes from the real Joel Hynek and his brother Paul – want to know what Allen Hynek did with the “extra money” he made working for Blue Book? The boys …

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Jill Morrison aka Faye Talks Project Blue Book

Here’s a short interview with our gal Friday, Faye! “Faye works for the U.S Army base as the assistant to Captain Quinn (Michael Malarkay). Quinn and Hynek (Aidan Gillen) begin working together to uncover ‘truths.” I can’t say much more at this point, but Faye is very dedicated to her job and is fiercely protective …