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Aidan Gillen, Interviews, The Actors

Aidan Gillen on Allen Hynek (Hollywood Reporter)

In this January 2019 interview, Aidan talks about the real Allen Hynek and how his research impacts the way he plays the role on Project Blue Book. “The first characteristic that became really apparent was his thoughtfulness and intelligence and determination and individuality, and even though he’s not a total outsider and eccentric, he did …

Aidan Gillen, The Actors

Aidan Gillen Stars in an Emotional Vinci Video

It’s been a big couple of weeks for music videos. Last week Michael and this week it’s Aidan’s turn. The video is from Irish band Vinci and it’s called When We Go Out. It’s a moving story that they hope will increase awareness around the problem of homelessness in Ireland. Several outlets have posted about …

Aidan Gillen, Interviews, Michael Malarkey

Dingleberrys and Funky Winker Beans! Malarkey and Gillen Interview

Bonnie Krebs conducted this interview with Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen prior to the series premiere. They discuss the real life Project Blue Book, their own UFO research (vast!), Michael talks about why he chose to do the show and Aidan gets excited about playing good guy for a change. They discuss a recent UFO …