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The Paley Center Party for Project Blue Book

The cast and showrunners for Project Blue Book attended a special screening at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles this past week. The audience got a look at the upcoming season and there was a Q&A and cocktail party. Perhaps Paley or History will post a video of the panel. Wouldn’t that be …

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Project Blue Book Season 2: Mimi & the Generals

A few more Season 2 photos this time focusing on Mimi and the Generals. Doesn’t Mimi look adorable in these? Not sure why, but she looks different to me (not that she wasn’t always lovely!) Happy to see her taking a more active role in her husband’s new-found passion. Photos by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORY Copyright 2019

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Project Blue Book: France Says Oui Oui!

Earlier this year, the Project Blue Book team headed to MIPCON which is like the Upfronts for the rest of the world. A reporter from France wrote up this nice story with quotes from the stars. It’s Google Translate, so forgive the awkward wording. Click here for the original in French. Michael Malarkey: “Quinn is …

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Laura Mennell Interview with Violeta Nicola

“Mimi has really grown from being the sheltered 1950’s housewife to coming into her own. It’s been a rocky season with her husband Allen (Aidan Gillen) being torn away from his family to study extraterrestrial activity all over the country, while she falls into dangerous territory on the home front. But these struggles have only …