Dingleberrys and Funky Winker Beans! Malarkey and Gillen Interview

Bonnie Krebs conducted this interview with Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen prior to the series premiere.

They discuss the real life Project Blue Book, their own UFO research (vast!), Michael talks about why he chose to do the show and Aidan gets excited about playing good guy for a change.

They discuss a recent UFO sighing in Ireland and Aidan gives the interviewers some tips on visiting Dingle on her next visit to the Isle, and they both talk about their brief tourist forays while filming in Vancouver.

Fun Moments: Funky Winker Beans and Dingleberrys? (No, I’m not making those names up)

Watch Aidan’s expression when Michael can’t come up with another word for “Scary Stuff”.

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