Episode “Area 51” tidbits, casting info & ratings

Spencer Grammer & Jill Morrison

History Channel has uploaded a brief follow-up video for Project Blue Book‘s third episode of season 2, “Area 51”. David O’Leary, Michael Malarkey and Laura Mennell all talk about the episode as well as their own characters. “His journey,” said Malarkey of Captain Quinn, “is an intense one this season. I feel like it’s really high stakes.” You can view the entire video on History’s Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2481196718675045

Actress Jill Morrison, whom we all know as Quinn’s faithful assistant Faye, was recently interviewed by HiddenRemote.com. “As we saw in Season 1,” said Morrison, “Faye is a dedicated and loyal employee. A strong, smart woman. In Season 2, her relationships get to develop especially with Mimi and her dedication to Quinn continues to thrive. I can’t say much more!” Read the full interview at https://hiddenremote.com/2020/02/06/jill-morrison-interview/

Actress Spencer Grammer, best known for the popular cartoon Rick and Morty  “filmed an episode of History Channel’s PROJECT BLUE BOOK opposite Aiden Gillen” according to https://galaxycon.com/spencer-grammer/. Spencer will portray the wife of Jesse Hutch’s character in the 2.7 episode “Curse of the Skinwalkers”.

Ratings: Project Blue Book’s season 2 premiere episode (“Roswell Incident” part 1) was in the “Top 50 programs in Live+7 Day raw gains among total viewers”. #35 Project Blue Book (P) (HIST, Tue. 1/21/20 10:03 PM, 63 min.) +1.306m (+91.01%) (L+SD: 1.435m; L+7: 2.741m). Due to many people DVRing shows these days, the L+7 (live+7 days) ratings are important when making renewal decisions. A full chart of LS+D ratings can be found at https://programminginsider.com/live7-weekly-ratings-a-million-little-things-winter-premiere-ranks-in-top-5-of-adults-18-49-raw-gainers/

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