Project Blue Book: The Flatwoods Monster S1E2 Archive

Dr. Hynek and Captain Quinn investigate a West Virginia case of a woman and her two children who witnessed a flying saucer crash near their farm and an alien being emerge from the fiery wreck. Based on the “Flatwoods Monster” case.

Air Date: Jan 15, 2019

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Media Reviews

Den of Geek: ” Perhaps it is just a tool for the show to add some steamy sexual tension between two attractive women, but it is a bit confusing as to how it fits. It turns out Susie is a Russian agent, which isn’t too surprising, and it would make sense the Russians would want to know what the Americans know about UFOs. But why they would send a female agent to seduce Hynek’s wife is unclear, unless they know something about her past we do not know that they will reveal in time. “

ComicCon: ” What’s better about this episode is Hynek gets to follow-up on loose ends and cultivate an explanation that addresses them all. It’s not that the military are more patient this time around. Hynek just lands on a sustainable theory before Quinn can file a report behind his back but, while it’s still implied that there’s more to it and that Hynek’s theory, while feasible, probably isn’t the whole truth, at least the cover story is solid and allows you to enjoy these hints more than when no attempt was made to come up with a convincing alternative.”

Hidden Remote: “By the time Hynek and Quinn are called in to investigate, paranoia has settled over Flatwoods like a heavy fog, seeping into every corner, trickling down from the law enforcement to infect every citizen. They’re ready to grab their pitchforks and run Sarah out of town if she doesn’t stop spreading lies and terrifying their children.”

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