Good Morning America, Build, Graveracer and More

Remember, Aidan Gillen and Neal McDonough will be on Good Morning America tomorrow, Jan 16th to talk about the new season.

Later that day, they’ll also be appeared at Build Studios in NY for a Live Q&A at 4pm EST. If you’re in the area, tickets may still be available. And it looks like Build puts up clips on their website so we should have some video later in the week.

Neal McDonough also spoke to a hometown paper about the exciting changes happening in the new season.

And speaking of teases for the new season, History Channel has been pumping out some great promos. The latest is dedicated to that special bromance between Hynek and Quinn aka #HyneQuinn.

And last but not least, Michael Malarkey is deep into his Graveracer tour in Europe. You’ll find all kinds of images and clips all over Instagram. Here’s just one sample from the man himself:

Project Blue Book returns in 6 days!! Set your DVR now.

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