Guest actor Wesley MacInnes Talks UFOs, Aidan Gillen & More

Wesley MacInnes

Multi-talented Canadian actor/singer Wesley MacInnes spoke extensively with Hollywood North Magazine about his time on the set of “The Roswell Incident, part 1” of Project Blue Book. Unlike some guest spots where the person has a line or two, Wes played Damon, an Air Police who got to stop (and order around) Quinn and Hynek at a roadblock before a sniper showed up to wreak havoc. Later on, Damon helped lead the charge to track down the shooter to a lone building where Quinn was able to capture the man in a pretty dramatic fashion.

MacInnes did a “decent amount of reading on Roswell, Area 51 and the military of that era and time” in preparation for his role, citing the help of someone on the set who had a military background. “When you’re playing a military member you really want to do justice to that because those members have sacrificed enormously and you don’t want to look like a fraud.” He asked many questions, citing that he wanted his portrayal of his character to be authentic.

You can read the rest of the article – where he talks about Aidan Gillen, the heat in Kamloops (“people were almost passing out”) and his feelings on UFOs – at the full interview at

Wes posted more details and behind-the-scenes photos under his Wes Mack (singer stage name) Instagram:

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