If aliens invaded, who would you turn to? This Project Blue Book question is tackled by Neal McDonough & Aidan Gillen.

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In mid-January, both Neal McDonough and Aidan Gillen did a whirlwind press tour promoting Project Blue Book in advance of the season 2 premiere. Part of that process involved sitting in one room, doing countless interviews with different podcasters, news agencies, etc., via satellite/cable links. One of those ‘satellite tour’ interviews has appeared up at SidewalksTV.com.

Some tidbits from this video podcast include:

“Bad guys are a blast to play,” said Neal, confessing that although he’s played multiple bad guys over the years, “I moved out to Hollywood to be a comedian so I get to infuse my comedy into my villains as much as I can in the most inopportune times to make the audience really uncomfortable, and I love doing that.” However, in season 2 of Project Blue Book, he’s been allowed to infuse more of himself into the character, ‘infuse the goodness into Harding,’ so he does prefer playing the good guys.

On Project Blue Book, Aidan said the prep part of the role of Hynek made it easier because there is so much back material to research on a real person. “It’s a good kicking off point,” he said. Because Hynek is not known to everyone, “you’ve got license there to take all the best bits and add a bit of your own personality and interpretation.”

Neal spoke about how he got the role (his wife literally saw an article in the newspaper that the show would be filmed in Vancouver, Neal’s home town) and he reached Sean Jablonski who said “in fact, you were the guy we really wanted to have for this part, so it was kind of like serendipitous.” He felt that if Robert Zemeckis was doing it and History was backing [the show], he “knew there was something special about it.”

In a question to both actors – if contact was made with aliens, whose lead would they follow? Hynek’s or Harding’s? –  Neal said Hynek, or “the way that Aidan is portraying the character.” Aidan said “depends on what the situation is” (are the aliens bad guys?) and  added “we’ve also got Michael Malarkey in there who plays Quinn. I’ve got one way of doing things, he’s got a more practical way of going about things.” Aidan added deadpan of alien visitors, “hopefully they’re not going to suck all our brains out.”

And Aidan concluded the interview with a joke, but you’ll have to watch the 10 minute video at https://www.sidewalkstv.com/interview-neal-mcdonough-and-aidan-gillen/ to see it.

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  1. Hi. Just saw this. Nice write up. Thanks for sharing our interview with the fans. — Richard, Executive Producer / Co-Host, “Sidewalks Entertainment”

    1. Cynthia says:

      Thanks for doing the interview! It was a fun one!

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