Intense scenes, fish & chips & Australia premiere: News on Project Blue Book’s Jill Morrison, Aidan Gillen & Laura Mennell

Jill Morrison

As anyone who works in an office is well aware, the assistant (or secretary as they were called in the 1950s) can make or break that office. This person is the gatekeeper, the one who ensures travel arrangements are made, supplies are ordered, higher-ups are placated, and much more. Faye is that person for the Project Blue Book team. With the addition of Hynek to the team in season one, she’s no doubt been very busy! interviewed Jill Morrison, the Canadian actress who plays Faye.  Jill loves working on the History series, and shared this tidbit about her character in season 2. “Faye sees the bigger picture often, mostly because the people she reveres and respects do (Quinn and Hynek and Mimi) so she will step outside her safety zone for the people she cares about.”

Faye has worked for Quinn for a while and it now appears we’ll finally get some more interaction. “My favorite scene will be coming up later this season with Michael Malarkey,” said Jill. “Michael is wonderful to act with, and we get to do a pretty intense high stakes scene and it was very whispered and secretive and super fun to do.”

You can read more on Jill’s thoughts on Project Blue Book and her upcoming projects at the full interview at

👽 In a “day in the life” sort of moment, Aidan Gillen dropped by for some seafood this past weekend at Sharkys Fish & Chips Wexford (Ireland) and posed for a photo which was shared on Twitter as well as Facebook –

👽Over at the Australian channel SBS, Laura Mennell was interviewed in the article “Project Blue Book’s Laura Mennell talks UFOs, government conspiracies and CIA mind control”.

Mennell talks at length about the show, and when asked about the Susie/Mimi relationship in season one, had this to say: “It’s almost like they had a bit of an emotional affair in a way because they were able to be so honest and vulnerable. You don’t always find that type of relationship in life so it wasn’t surprising to me that Mimi’s feelings got so confused in terms of how she felt about this other woman. This season things will switch up a bit because she does love her husband and her family and she doesn’t want to mess with that. She will start to refocus and start doing a little bit of digging for Allen in terms of his work and they will have more of a connection that way, more of a shared passion for the UFO phenomenon.”

Read the full interview at:

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