Jerod Haynes Joins Project Blue Book Cast

Project Blue Book season 2

In the recent “Area 51” episode of Project Blue Book, Quinn and Hynek find themselves dropped off by helicopter in the middle of an arid desert in Nevada. Within minutes, the strains of soulful music echo up the dusty road and a jeep arrives. Enter CIA operative Daniel Banks, played by Jerod Haynes. “Just call me Dan,” he replies to Quinn’s confused query. By the time the episode ends, Banks has proven himself to be a surprising ally to HyneQuinn, who quickly find themselves embroiled in a deep mess of dead soldiers, UFOs, and the wrath of General Valentine.

The Chicago-born Haynes plays what called a “powerful and unpredictable new asset” in a recurring role on the series. Haynes’ charismatic Banks will show up to help, or perhaps hinder, HyneQuinn’s pursuit of the truth as the series second season progresses. In the fifth episode of the series, Hynek will be abducted, leaving Quinn no choice but to team up with the CIA in order to rescue his partner.

Haynes recently participated in his first Project Blue Book SyFyWire podcast, which you can listen to at

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‘Project Blue Book’: Jerod Haynes To Recur On History Drama Series

Introducing Actor Jerod Haynes

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