Jill Morrison: Faye talks about season 2 of Project Blue Book; Epic Drama premiere date, Promos & more


Jill Morrison spokes to Crookes Magazine about her role of Faye in season 2 of Project Blue Book.

Morrison said that “Faye goes thru some emotional despair this season” and “I have a scene coming up where I have to be very emotional, and I’m alone in the scene. So I just had to be really vulnerable and let go. And that was a challenge but also wonderful.”

She also talks about the fun of working with Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey.

You can read the full interview at:

Jill’s new 10-episode series, Motherland: Fort Salem, debuts on the Freeform channel on Wednesday, March 18th at 9pm. You can watch all three trailers at https://film-book.com/motherland-fort-salem-2020-tv-show-trailers-three-young-women-join-the-witches-branch-of-the-u-s-military-freeform/

👽 Rizzuto may be gone, but you can catch Michael Imperioli in his new regular role as Detective Michael Sellitto in the NBC series Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector.

👽 Project Blue Book fans in Slovenia, Serbia and other countries covered under Epic Drama will see season 2 premiere on March 19th.  You can view their slightly different trailer at:

👽 History Channel dropped another “Curse of the Skinwalker” promo trailer, this time giving fans (who like to free-frame trailer) a glimpse of the Skinwalker!

👽 History Channel also posted this cute ‘generic’ UFO trailer, although images are from “Close Encounters” for Project Blue Book.

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