Jill Morrison: The Women of Project Blue Book

Jill Morrison took time out of her busy schedule to talk with MEA Worldwide (MEAWW)  about Faye and the overall contribution of women to the Project Blue Book series.

Morrison plays Captain Quinn’s dedicated assistant, Faye,  a woman in the background who helps the office flow smoothly. In season 2, she gets to interact with both Joel and Mimi Hynek in the episode “Men in Black.” In that episode, she makes a decision that helps Mimi but could jeopardize her own position. “Consequences are a part of Faye’s storyline, but Faye’s choices are about a bigger purpose,” Morrison told MEAWW. “Her affections for Mimi remain, and the relationship really develops between these two strong women.”

Morrison said of her role: “I love being in a period piece, as well as being a woman in the air force at that time. I would believe there would be many complications for her in her life. Faye is single during this time, and completely dedicated to her career. She works in a top-secret world, so fun to play with how that informs her interactions with others. It is a joy to work on this production, and the versatile directors I get to work with.”

The article goes deeper into discussing women’s roles – including Mimi Hynek and Susie Miller – on the show and how societal expectations of that era are challenged in each episode.

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