Latest on Efforts to Save Project Blue Book

May 8th update: David O’Leary is thrilled with the petition created by a fan to  Save Project Blue Book. It’s rapidly gaining traction but we need all the signatures possible! If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do so. Share the link on your social media. A great way to share it is to pin it to the top of your Twitter feed so people are aware of our efforts. We need to find #HyneQuinn a new home! How else will we find out how Quinn is rescued? And will Susie and her daughter ever be reunited? And the Generals are going to catch Daria, so there’s  that scene, already filmed, which was to be shown in the beginning of season 3. So much is left undone, not to mention thousand of great Project Blue Book UFO cases to still tackle.

When on social media, please don’t forget to use the hashtag #SaveBlueBook whenever you can. If possible,tag prospective homes for Project Blue Book, such as #Netflix  #SyFy  #appletvplus  #Hulu  #Peacock  #Amazonprime  #BBC  #NatGeo  #Starz  #FX  #AMC  #CBS  #HBOMax  #Epix  #TNT  #paramountnetwork  #Showtime  #FOX  #NBC  #WarnerBrothers  #Lionsgate

And the #SaveBlueBook campaign has caught the attention of the site, 1428Elm. “This kind of fan interaction is important because it helps to “sell” the show to another network or streaming service. You can also target potential new homes for the program because that is how Lucifer, The Expanse and Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended up being saved from cancellation. Personally, we think Project Blue Book would make a great addition to the Amazon Prime family.” They also offer sage advice on how to save a show. Read the full article at:

And lastly, here’s the petition link. Please sign and share 😊:

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