Laura Mennell on Comic Con Radio

Super interview with Laura Mennell on Comic Con Radio and man, the interviewer gets her right off the bat asking which of her Project Blue Book co-stars is her favorite.

Smart girl lists off what she loves about both of her co-stars:

“Aidan is a dream to work with, first of all he’s an amazing actor. . . and it’s nice to be able to honestly say that he’s a lovely man, and he’s a very genuine person, very thoughtful, and he’s extremely intelligent so he fits into the Allen Hynek character really easily. . . and it was lovely working with him and seeing his process and getting to be part of that.

And Malarkey, I mean Michael, he’s perfect for Captain Quinn. Also, a really great guy, really perfect for the role and he’s the guy to ask if you have any questions about music. He will tell you what you should listen to and he will be right. And he’s a great musician and a great singer, so there you go.”

Later in the interview she discusses what it’s like to work with the actual Hynek children and of course, her relationship with Susie.

Laura also talks about some of her previous works, what it’s like to play a woman in the 1950’s, her views on aliens, Instagram and more.

Listen to the whole interview here.

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