Laura Mennell Promotes Project Blue Book in Australia

Laura Mennel & Keir O'Donnell

While North America is almost halfway through season 2 of Project Blue Book, Australians will see the premiere of new episodes on February 19th on SBS on Demand. Ahead of that premiere, Laura Mennell was interviewed by Seanna Cronin in an article published across several Australian news platforms. The following is partly derived from the Queenslands Times version.

In ‘Mimi in the Driver’s Seat,’ Mennell talks about her character Mimi Hynek and the growth that viewers can look forward to in the show’s sophomore year.

The show maintains its 1950s authenticity down to even the automobiles it uses. Cast member Michael Malarkey noted in one podcast interview ( that he had to learn to drive a ‘three-on-the tree stick shift’ and driving those old vehicles wasn’t easy. To get into character, Mennell chose to take driving lessons on vintage cars, a skill that apparently came in handy in “Hopkinsville”, the latest episode to air on US TV. “It feels like real driving – four on the floor, as that Greased Lightnin’ song goes.”

Mimi’s character is evolving and “she does get to do some truth seeking of her own,” said Mennell.  While Mimi starts helping with her husband’s work, ‘she didn’t really have a Russian spy as a best buddy,’ noting that “it was a clever way for the writers to incorporate certain aspects of the time like the Cold War.” Mennell added that Mimi did edit Allen’s work and ‘was very much present in the interview process with some of these cases.’

Several of the Hynek children have helped in the series, and Mennell disclosed that daughter Roxanne said “She [Mimi]] was not necessarily naturally as social as she became later on. She was very intelligent, but it took her some time to be able to really hone that. Luckily that also aligns itself with what we’ve been on the show.”

 “You’ll be seeing a stronger, smarter Mimi this season,” said Mennell. “She’s naturally very inquisitive. She starts doing a little digging and she turns out to have a pretty good knack for that.”

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