Michael Malarkey on the Challenge of Playing Quinn

Project Blue Book premieres in South Africa this week, so the local news just posted a fun new interview with Michael Malarkey.


Each show and character comes with its own set of challenges for every actor, for Michael the challenges were part of what made the project so appealing to him: “Challenges are great, aren’t they? For me it’s hard to differentiate between what the challenge was and what has been a fun task to overcome. But, I’d say just because I’m such a free hippy kind of dude just getting into that rigidity and mindset is a challenge. Because you’re actually as an actor you’re job is to change the way you think.

“You retrain your synapses to make connections or don’t make connections that you normally would. So in a way a lot of it was inhibiting certain instincts of my own in order to be able play this properly, which became fun.”

Read the full interview over at Channel 24

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