Podcasts: David O’Leary, Paul Hynek, Aidan Gillen & more.


You can take Project Blue Book with you on your smartphone or listen to in the car thanks to a variety of interviews available on downloadable podcasts.

Series creator/executive producer David O’Leary spoke at length with Ryan Sprague at the long-running UFO-themed podcast, Somewhere in the Skies. Topics include the series, the cast, and UFOs. Visit Somewhere in the Skies to listen in. It’s also cool to see fan digital artist Karen Keslen’s work featured on their page.

Another podcast worth listening to is Somewhere in the Skies’ interview with Paul Hynek. Discussions include the TV series, what it was like growing up with Dr. J. Allen Hynek as your father, and more. Click here to listen to “Paul Hynek: The UFO Dad.”

Aidan Gillen called in long-distance from Scotland to talk with 93.3 WMMR’s Preston & Steve show. Topics were Project Blue Book, if any rock stars are aliens, 😉 and more. Aidan’s portion is at the 1.54 mark for about 10 minutes at https://wmmr.com/episodes/daily-podcast-02-03-20/

Lastly, you can tune in every week to SyFyWire’s episode podcasts where you can learn fascinating tidbits about the episode. While the guests are announced on a weekly basis, Michael Malarkey, Aidan Gillen, David O’Leary, Sean Jablonski and others have joined in these oft-times very funny discussions. These podcasts are a must-listen for any Project Blue Book fan. Tune in at https://www.syfy.com/tags/project-blue-book-the-official-podcast after the episode airs. Past episodes are archived there as well.

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