Project Blue Book: Aidan Gillen Bloomsday, Michael Malarkey Twitch chat, Japan Premiere, David O’Leary Interview

There’s a few cool Project Blue Book things occurring on Sunday, June 28th

As reported earlier, Aidan Gillen is in the Bloomsday Lockin video. June 28th is your last chance to watch it and hopefully, donate to a worthy cause. Full details at

Michael Malarkey’s next Twitch chat on June 28th will be “Session 1 out of 10 weekly track-by-track discussions about my new record GRAVERACER (2020) on my Twitch channel. TRACK 1: GRAVERACER”. It will take place at 1:00pm EDT.

Season 2 of Project Blue Book premieres in Japan on June 28th.  @HistoryJP has been posting a neat collection of character photos running up to the premiere, and CinemaToday posted the following article:

History Japan is also doing a marathon of season 1 leading up to season 2. Lucky fans!

David O’Leary’s one-hour Instagram chat with Danny Manus is now up for viewing. In it, David talked about how he got into the business, and that Project Blue Book was written as a ‘sample’, and he had no idea it would be picked up. Fun tidbits were that he had never worked in television before that, so he had to get a showrunner. This came up when Sean Jablonski joined the chat. David  interviewed four people but Sean Jablonski “set the bar really ****ing high” so that the other three were discounted. The interview for the showrunner position ran so long that Sean got a parking ticket outside the bar where  they met. They hit it off, which is important as they would spend 12 hours a day working together and David joked that Sean is a “work wife”. When asked about Project Blue Book’s STATUS. “All I can say is that the fight does continue. It’s a very hard time to shop a show. It’s a very strange time, generally.” The studio remains committed to the show. Toward the end of the interview, he talked about fan interaction and more. [Note that audio and video don’t match, so it’s far easier to simply listen to than watch😊] Watch the whole interview at

Aidan Gillen’s movie Rose Plays Julie will be available online at a screening at the Galway Film Fleadh on July 9th at 7:00PM UK time. This viewing will be followed by Q + A with Cast and Crew. Tickets available at

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