Project Blue Book: Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Jill Morrison & more Christmas posts.

Project Blue Book season 2 poster

December 30 – Wrapping up 2020. Here are some news bits, belated-Christmas wishes, etc. Hoping that in 2021 we’ll receive good news on a Project Blue Book revival! It takes time, so don’t give up the fight to #SaveBlueBook, no matter what country you’re in: U.S./Canada/Germany/India/Italy/Japan/ (Project Blue Book), Brazil (Projeto Livro Azul), Bulgaria (Проект Синя книга), Estonia (Projekt Sinine Raamat), France (Projet Blue Book), Hungary (A kék könyv-projekt), Japan (プロジェクト・ブルーブック), Mexico (Proyecto libro azul), Russia (Проект Синяя книга), Serbia (Пројекат Плава књига), Spain (Proyecto Libro Azul / Proyecto Blue Book), Ukraine (Проект «Синя книга»)

🛸 A marvelous but unused (as far as we know) poster from season 2 of Project Blue Book with Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey was recently uploaded to the internet. You can view it, as well as another landscape version and earlier posters, at Why History Channel didn’t use this poster is anybody’s guess, but it’s a very attractive poster. Thanks to @AidangillenR for the find! Check out link above for more poster images from the show as well as hundreds of other films/TV shows.

Project Blue Book season 2 poster
Project Blue Book season 2 poster

🛸 Laura Mennell posted the official poster for her short film Circle. “Our film was originally conceived during COVID and in our little social bubble that included Luna (my wonderful co-star), @florianhalbedl (our amazing director) and my guy, @solomanartist (who’s also our fantastic composer).” Read the rest of the details at:

🛸 North American fans who missed Aidan Gillen’s Rose Plays Julie on its limited streaming events earlier this year will have a second chance come March 2021 via virtual cinemas and on demand. Film creators Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor retweeted the below tweet from @ Film_Movement, which led to a chain of replies, all resulting in “in addition to virtual cinemas it will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Fandango Now as of that date.”

🛸 It’s not exactly light reading, but apparently The Art of War by Sun Tzu, as performed by Aidan Gillen, is in the top 10 non-fiction audiobooks of 2020. Source:

🛸 Some of the fans who won the #SaveBlueBook contest received their CAMEO videos from Jill Morrison (aka Faye) this week. Jill kindly took several minutes to answer fan questions about Project Blue Book. These videos are definitely worth watching as they’re just pure fun, and yes, there’s talk about Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey. 😊 You can obtain CAMEO videos from Jill and other cast members at CAMEO.

First one from @AidanGillenR:

Second one from @wraithfodder:

🛸 And did you know that Zach McGowan (who played Duncan Booker in season 2 episodes “Roswell Incident”) also has a Cameo account? You can view it at

🛸 According to the tweet below, Neal McDonough’s Resident Evil Movie reboot has finished shooting. More info as it comes out.

🛸 A fan posted their Lego vision of Hynek from Project Blue Book. Very cute. I’d love to see a humorous take on HyneQuinn as Lego characters!

🛸 Below are Instagram posts from the cast/crew wishing everyone holiday wishes/Merry Christmas.

Ksenia Solo:

Laura Mennell:

Neal McDonough with family:

Michael Harney:

Jill Morrison let her furbabies take front and center:

David O’Leary and family:

Hayley McLaughlin (Rebecca in season 2) with her adorable little friend:

Zach McGowan (Duncan Booker in “Roswell Incident”) in a post guaranteed to melt snow 😉:

Heather Doerksen (Donna in season 1):

And lastly, if you haven’t signed the #SaveBlueBook petition in 2020, now’s the time to do it! The petition is located at Thank you 😊

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