Project Blue Book: Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Ksenia Solo, Laura Mennell & foreign premieres

December 6: Film releases, virtual conventions and more.

🛸 Brand-new interview with Aidan Gillen as he films during the COVID-19 pandemic. A good read! Read article at

Aidan Gillen says of living in LA, ‘if you are the type of person who likes real-world stuff, it’s not for you’. Photo copyright: David Conachy

🛸 Aidan’s movie, Those That Wish Me Dead  , is part of the newly announced Warner Bros./HBO Max hybrid deal. “…the films that Warner Bros. plans to release in 2021 will be available to HBO Max subscribers for 31 days. After the one-month mark, those movies will only play in theaters until they reach the traditional home entertainment frame. From there, people can rent through online platforms like Amazon, iTunes or Fandango. It’s unclear when the titles will return to HBO Max.” Read more at

🛸 Both Ksenia Solo and Laura Mennell mask up quite nicely as they follow safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 😊 Check out Ksenia’s Instagram post at

and here is Laura’s from her Instagram story:

🛸 Michael Malarkey’s Christmas song “Evergreen” is now available on Bandcamp in the ‘No Sleep till Christmas 8’ album compilation by NoSleepRecords. The song style is a throwback to his earlier days when he began singing. Click on for full details. All proceeds go to And if you want to hear the acoustic version of this song, subscribe to his Twitch stream at and check out the December 4th video.

🛸 As conventions continue to go virtual during the pandemic, Michael joins a fellow Vampire Diaries cast member Daniel Gillies in doing virtual chats, meet and greets, etc. on December 12th. Full details can be found at Note that auction for one event ends December 8th. (And if this doesn’t fit your schedule, don’t forget Michael’s CAMEO is still available at This is your chance to ask any Project Blue Book questions!

🛸 Season 1 of Project Blue Book (aka Proyecto Libro Azul) premiered on this month.

🛸 History Japan’s “Operation Mainbrace” twitter ad, still showing it as season finale, not series finale, because everybody expected it back. Its ratings were solid!

🛸 There is now a Japanese Wikipedia page on Project Blue Book!

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