Project Blue Book: Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Neal McDonough, Jill Morrison, David O’Leary & more!

July 27th – It’s summer and we’re entering the ‘dog days’ of summer, so news is slow and well, COVID-19 has still tamped down the entertainment industry in general, although some filming is resuming. Don’t forget to sign the #SAVEBLUEBOOK petition (and share it) at We’re not giving up on season 3! The next #SaveBlueBookSaturday, dedicated to @PeacockTV again, will be August 1st.

Aidan Gillen narrated Maurice Joyce’s masterful short film “Violet”, about a girl who dislikes her reflection in the mirror. “ So how much does it cost to get Aidan Gillen to narrate your short film? Two bananas and a bottle of water,” said Joyce in a quick interview at

You can watch this short film on YouTube at

Aidan also did a ‘PSA’ for SEAC for the July 25th live-streaming SEAC Live [Séamus Ennis Arts Centre] event in support of local musical artists.

Michael Malarkey continues to host his weekly Twitch chats ( He posted this neat image at his Instagram stories of his current quarantine life in the Midwest. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the July 26th chat was moved to August 2nd, where he’ll discuss the song “Damage Me Deeply.”

🛸  Neal McDonough will reprise his role as Major Bennington in the sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog, slated for a 2022 release. Details at

On August 1st, Neal is doing a live online interview along with other cast members of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for GalaxyCon Live. It will take place on Saturday, August 1st at 1:30pm ET. Full details at

🛸 @CanalTNT dropped some new images from “Men in Black” on their Twitter at the link below. What’s neat is that we get to see the behind-scenes-photo of the finished product as well.

as well as this new image of William (Ian Tracey)

🛸 History Japan, whom I’ve been following since last year, never fails to drop nice new unseen images from Project Blue Book. The latest is a behind-the-scenes image from “Men in Black,” as you can still see the ‘marks’ which the actors stand on so they’re captured in the film frame. It’s a very popular image as Michael Malarkey reposted it to his Instagram and the hits just zoom up!

🛸 Jill Morrison (Faye) posted this great meme about @PeacockTV pickup.

And wow! Jill just posted this stunning glamor shot at her Instagram.

🛸 David O’Leary will be profiled in issue #08 of Shadows Magazine. The issue is due out in August. Keep an eye out on the Twitter account below!

🛸 Like word puzzles? Fan Amanda Gibson created this cool Project Blue Book word puzzle, available on Twitter at

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