Project Blue Book: Award, the game, Michael Malarkey ‘Virtual World Tour’ & more

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February 20, 2021 – News on the Project Blue Book award, game, and more!

🛸 Despite being cancelled, Project Blue Book is still winning awards! The latest is for, who won ‘Best VFX Shot’ Award in the category ‘TV Serials’ for ‘Project Blue Book’ in the VAM Summit & Awards, India’s most comprehensive VFX awards by AnimationXpress. You’ll recognize the footage at this link from the season 2 episode where Hynek & Quinn don’t quite succeed in escaping in “Area 51”: 

🛸 Game development company Three Gates has entered into a publishing agreement with Legacy Games for the game Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries. According to the agreement, Legacy Games will publish a premium version of the game for PC: “The new PC version is a perfect fit for Legacy Games’ established player base and fits well into their established portfolio of Hidden Object games. We will use this opportunity to increase sales of the game on other distribution platforms as well. Together we see also on more game projects that may be suitable for distribution via Legacy Games, including other games from the game portfolios in Tivola, gameXcite, Three Gates and Tableflip, as well as upcoming titles “, says Don Geyer, CEO of Three Gates.

Full press release, in German, at

🛸 Good news! Aidan Gillen’s Irish miniseries, Kin, will air in the US on the streaming platform,, this coming Fall.

🛸 Michael Malarkey is now focusing his social media presence on Instagram. His account remains on Twitter as he still reads but isn’t posting. Time will tell if and when he’s back on Twitter. Meanwhile, tickets are now available for his ‘virtual world tour’. More information on the tickets, plus a live album download, are available on his website at Find the ‘tab’ ‘Live Streaming’ for ordering information. There are four tours (March 25 – Europe, March 26 – South America, March 27 – North America, and March 28 – Asia & Australia). Times are at

🛸 The #SaveBlueBook petition for season 3 of the series has surpassed 27,000 signatures and is still going strong. If you want to see season 3, please help and sign (and share) the petition at

🛸 Heather Doerksen (Donna, season 1) is showing off a new hair color for an upcoming role, which she can’t discuss at the moment, but excellent job by hairdresser.

🛸 Ksenia Solo when she worked on … The Simpsons!

🛸 Neal McDonough on set of his latest project, Boon.


Neal McDonough’s Resident Evil reboot is now scheduled for a September 2021 release. (Original tweet that posted this information no longer exists, so will update when new info becomes available.)

🛸 More detail on Jill Morrison’s new Lifetime movie, Circle of Deception, in which she plays the estranged spouse of a murder victim (played by Paul McGillion, whom many fans may recognize from Stargate Atlantis). Read more at

Jill also posted several shots from her new Lifetime movie on her Twitter account.

Jill is also starring in a new Lifetime movie called “Love is Trending”, which also stars Christopher Russell.

The IMDB page for this film is sketchy at moment:


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