Project Blue Book: Breakdown of Set Auction, Laura Mennell & Ksenia Solo post new pics, #SaveBlueBook, Jerod Haynes, & S2 in France

September 3, 2020 – While Hollywood very slowly comes back to life, here’s the latest news on what some of the Project Blue Book cast are up to, plus the ‘set decorators’ auction.

🛸 Laura Mennell posted several photos of herself plus details on the T-shirt she’s wearing. For more, visit her IG page at

🛸 Ksenia Solo posted a shot of herself at her Instagram today at

🛸 The auction of Project Blue Book props, set pieces, etc. ran for about 3.5 hours on September 2nd in South Langley, British Columbia. The highest priced item that I saw was the half-a-fighter jet, which went for $9,500 CDN. The lowest was $5. They were selling anything and everything. You could get pallets of sand bags, liquor barrels, signs, chairs, props, stuffed wolves (“Area 51” – the ‘pack’ went for $75CDN) and more. Sunglasses worn by Jerod Haynes (Agent Banks) went for $300 while a pile of ‘space rocks’ went for $100 (believe they were from “Flatwoods Monster”). A pair of high heeled women’s shoes (Susie’s?) went for $350. Bed mattresses, huge spools of rope, life preservers, laundry baskets, etc. – all sorts of items were sold at this auction. The green monkey suit from “Hopkinsville” was in there, as well as the alien skeleton which Hynek and Quinn dug up in “Roswell.” A lucky person walked off with Hynek’s “Men in Black” coat and several more items of clothing, including the rack which held them.

While I didn’t track all the bids, most bidders were from British Columbia. There were a few from the States. Part of the reason may be that once you win the bid, you (or your rep) had to physically go to the warehouse in Langley and pick up your items within 24 hours. All bids also had PST & GST and 17% fee tacked on top as well.

If I heard correctly, the auctioneer said there would be future auctions from the series, which make sense as there was lots of stuff I didn’t see, such as Quinn’s blue USAF uniform, or anything from HyneQuinn’s Blue Book offices.

Meanwhile, we all need to keep up with #SaveBlueBook – shows have been resurrected hours to literally years after their cancellation. We need to keep the folks at the networks/streaming platforms aware we want Project Blue Book back, and of course, for Quinn to be found! The next #SaveBlueBookSaturday is September 5th at 5:00pm EDT.

The below photos are from the September 2nd Able Auctions.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is plane-12.jpg
Half a fighter jet. 99% certain it was from when Quinn flew after UFOs in “Washington Merry-Go-Round”.
Susie’s photos of Mimi (“Flatwoods Monster”).
Joel’s toy rocket where Susie hid her message to Mimi in “Operation Mainbrace.”
Some of the chair backs for cast members/crew. Entire set went for $250CDN.
A rack of Quinn’s clothing.

🛸 And just spotted on Twitter… Jerod Haynes did another zoom interview, although it was not related to Project Blue Book but to black acting opportunities in Chicago. You can watch the hour-long interview at

🛸 A neat compilation of @CanalTNT’s Instagram stories on Project Blue Book, aka Proyecto Blue Book.

🛸 Season 2 of Project Blue Book – Projet Blue Book – will debut in France on @WarnerTVFR in October 2020 according to this article at Thx to @carsten1186 on Twitter!

And that’s it for now!

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