Project Blue Book: Cameo sale (Michael Malarkey & more), Aidan Gillen, Save Blue Book, Ksenia Solo

August 26, 2021 – A few quick bits of timely Project Blue Book actor news!

🛸 If you’ve always wanted a video with Michael Malarkey (or Neal McDonough, Jill Morrison or Sofia Milos), Cameo is offering a 25% sitewide discount of 25%! For Michael, go straight to Book very soon, as the discount evaporates at the end of the day, Friday, August 27th!

  • This tidbit came out in one of Michael Malarkey’s Instagram replies. He’s currently working on two series!

🛸 Keep an eye out on this twitter account for SaveBlueBook.

🛸 Another mini meme for Aidan Gillen’s Kin series.

🛸 Ksenia Solo shared several images of her favorite friend for #NationalDogDay at her Instagram.

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