Project Blue Book: chats, interviews & more (Michael Malarkey, David O’Leary, Sean Jablonski, Aidan Gillen)

November 25th – Go into the weekend with some Blue Book interviews.

🛸 On Friday, November 27th, you can spend a few hours with Project Blue Book. First, Michael Malarkey is doing a Twitch chat (time to be determined but probably around noon). Check his Twitter account for updated time.

And later that day, Cocktails, Movies & Stuff are re-airing the first interview they did with both Michael Malarkey and Sean Jablonski for season one of Project Blue Book. These interviews are a must-listen to for fans because they’re such fun. November 27th at 4:00 PM ET.

🛸 Fans are in for a treat this coming weekend. In preparation for the show’s season 2 premiere on Warner TV France, David O’Leary was interviewed by the French site Maybe Planet   TV presenter Karine Durando interviewed David O’Leary along with several UFO specialists:

  • Pascal Fechner + Camille Fouquart (Maybe Planet / MUFON France)
  • Nico Augusto: paranormal TV personality and author

The finished (approx.) one hour video (with English & French subtitles) should premiere on their YouTube channel on November 28th at 19h30 (Paris time) ( Thanks to Karine Durand for the information.

🛸 In the market for some Project Blue Book merchandise? History Channel is offering 20% off all purchases until the end of day, November 27th. Check tweet below for details.

🛸 Aidan Gillen stars in Barry McCormack’s new “Distant Shores” music video, which you can watch in its entirety at

🛸 RTE explains how they got Aidan for this video. Read the entire article at or

Aidan’s film Rose Plays Julie won the @amplifyfilm audience award for Best Feature!

And, there will be a Rose Plays Julie screening at Gijón International Film Festival, Spain, November 27-27.

🛸 Here’s a little trip down memory lane on past acting gigs by the Blue Book cast. Michael Malarkey was in the 2011 production of Curiosity’s “What Sank the Titanic?” You can watch the entire show at Thanks to @klouise1992 for the tip.  

🛸 A fan created two new posters for the show . They’re simply stunning! If you haven’t signed the petition, now is the time to get it to 25,000 signatures. Details at tweet below.

🛸 RAI4 in Italy will be airing Project Blue Book starting on November 28th, and here are two introductory articles:


🛸 History Japan has been dropping mini videos on Twitter for the show. Here’s just one of them.

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