Project Blue Book: “Close Encounters,” “Curse of the Skinwalker” promo, Hynek Brothers Podcast

Laura Mennell and Aidan Gillen

👽 Some behind the scenes tidbits from the “Close Encounters” episode which aired February 25th.

Laura Mennell posted this image of herself and Aidan Gillen in 1976 ‘aged’ Hyneks at her Instagram.

Make-up artist Rebecca Lee posted a few shots and details on how they put more beard atop Aidan Gillen’s real beard to achieve the older look.

👽 History Channel has dropped a new video trailer for “Curse of the Skinwalker,” which can be viewed on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

👽 Paul Hynek and Joel Hynek spoke with on Edge of Reality Show, February 27 from 8-10pm ET. I’ve written up notes relevant to the TV series. The interview ran two hours.

  • About a year and a half before show went into production, they became consultants so they can some influence. They can make suggestions but not orders. Joel and Paul have been actively involved ever since.
  • Since both Joel and Paul have ‘significant entertainment backgrounds,’ they have access to all the scripts and can give input.
  • Joel and Paul joked over who was the ‘favorite’ amongst the children. The ‘old man’ didn’t even remember names sometimes, they joked. Joel points out that he is the only son in the show, but then Paul points out his cameo in the “Close Encounters” episode (as cameraman on crane).
  • Their main concern was that their parents be portrayed in a proper way. Big question was how authentic or accurate. When they read the scripts, they want things ‘bounded by reality.’  There were a couple times when that happened, so they send notes on the e-mail chain after they read the script. Fortunately, the producers/writers are concerned about accurate. Paul and Joel provided tons of stories and photos about the family. Aidan even called Joel to get proper pronunciation of Halley’s comet.
  • They spoke warmly about Aidan (a supervillain (Aidan in Game of Thrones) plays our father).
  • They agreed the make-up for Aidan in “Close Encounters” was superb.
  • The pipe was brought up. Paul said Sean Jablonski felt that someone smoking a pipe evokes a ‘passive atmosphere’ whereas they were shooting for more frenetic pace. “It’s working its way in there,” said Paul of the pipe appearing in season two.
  • Paul thinks his father, if he were alive, would find the show a “rollicking good yarn” while mom would find it “nonsense, you don’t need me in there,” said Paul, but Joel said she might have been dismayed being portrayed as a fifties housewife, as she’d be the one under the sink fixing the plumbing, not their dad.
  • Paul said they spoke at length with Laura Mennell and Aidan Gillen so the on-screen parents would be consistent with their real counterparts. They’re happy with how they ‘cracked the code’ on their parents.
  • Joel said while he was growing up, his father took the UFO matter seriously. Sometimes on trips to cabin in Canada, his father would talk about conflicts between established scientific community (university) and the UFO people who wanted him to ‘come clean’ and tell the world what was going on. He often spoke to his children about UFOs, especially at the formal dinner where their father would give them updates.
  • They spoke about the stigma of reporting UFOs, how people don’t report it because they don’t want to deal with the fallout (especially military people for whom it would be a ‘career killer’).
  • They’d often have Quintanilla (Air Force PBB) to their home. Captain Quinn’s name was derived from Quintanilla.
  • Joel said their father was very open about talking about Project Blue Book and the Men in Black. The MIB were always a frustration to him as they’d go a sighting and the MIB already had come and taken the evidence from the witnesses. “That was one of the big mysteries I don’t think has been solved.”
  • Said that the way their father is portrayed on the show – that he cares about the people he interacts with – is what their father was like.
  • Paul said his parents were of a generation where they didn’t talk much about themselves. Much of what they learned about their parents was from other people.
  • Paul did a taping of William Shatner’s new show, The Unexplained, and apparently their father knew William Shatner.
  • They thought the aliens portrayed in the “Hopkinsville” episode of Project Blue Book were very well done.
  • They think the military attitude (toward UFOs) is portrayed very well in the series.
  • One of the great things about the show is that people are getting interested in UFOs, and witnesses to UFO sightings are coming forward because of the TV show.

You can listen to/download the full podcast at

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