Project Blue Book: Encore presentation of Chat4Good’s ‘cast reunion’ on August 14-15!

August 13th – The Chat4Good Project Blue Book livestream charity event held on August 12th looks like it was a rousing success! Many fans attended, entering the chat room half an hour before the actual livestream began to mingle and talk about the show. It started a little late as they needed to get all the cast on at the same time. Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell, Michael Harney, David O’Leary and Sean Jablonski all showed up. Tara Bennett, whom many fans know for her fantastic Project Blue Book SyFy podcasts, hosted this hour-long session. This chat was a cast reunion, as most had not seen each other since January’s promos for season 2, and it was a delight to watch them reconnect and joke with each other.

They talked about the show’s new home at, which streams (for free) seasons 1 and 2. And who knows, maybe season 3? David and Sean are enthusiastic about season 3 and are still hard at work finding Blue Book a new home. Other questions included Quinn’s wartime backstory, which Michael Malarkey addressed, Aidan’s time on the “Close Encounters” episode, their favorite episodes, how Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen related a weird story from the set (that whole answer has to be seen for the banter between them), and much more. No spoilers here, because you can still watch this livestream as an encore presentation.

This will happen on Friday, August 14th from 5:00pm PST to 5:00pm PST on Saturday, August 15th. Do NOT miss out! This is open to international audiences.

Go to to sign up and buy tix. Once purchased, you can view the hour-long livestream anytime during the allotted timeframe.  Besides having a fun time, your tix price is helping charity. Reportedly if you already paid to watch the original livestream, you should be able to go back in and watch it again for free.

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