Project Blue Book: Epic Drama video set tour, Malarkey-Gillen podcast, Instagram posts from cast

We’re tracking what the Project Blue Book cast is up to these days: Instagram, videos, podcasts! Here is this week’s wrap-up of news.

👽 Project Blue Book recently debuted via Epic Drama in Central/Eastern Europe. @CinemaConfidential (Instagram) is dropping videos every week or so – with cast, crew, etc. These videos are definitely worth watching (on a PC, not just a cellphone) as they’re detailed, fun, and did I say, detailed? The latest video was released today (April 4th) with production designer Ross Dempster. He takes viewers through an exclusive tour of the sets – The Blue Book offices (so that’s where the generals’ office is), Hynek’s home, Quinn’s apartment, and the submarine bay in “Operation Mainbrace.” You can watch it on the CinemaConfidential  YouTube channel:

👽  Season 2 of Project Blue Book, aka Projekat Plava knjiga, debuted April 2nd at 9pm  on EpicDrama (

👽  “Project Blue Book”: Zweite Staffel der Mysteryserie landet in Deutschland – Premiere von zehn neuen Folgen im Mai -… or, said an online translator “”Project Blue Book”: the Second season of the mystery series lands in Germany”. Ahem, a translation said: “In the series Protagonist Hynek finally finds clear evidence of aliens. More still: The Air Force is aware of the aliens and wants to use Hynek, above all, to calm the growing hysteria about the sky appearance, in which he debunked most of them with scientific methods and explains. But he may not have much to uncover, so you have him, Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey,  “the Vampire Diaries”) to the side of him supposedly support, but also monitor.” Read the article in German, or find an online translator to read in English:

👽  The cast are posting stuff here and there on their social media accounts. Laura Mennell posted two very retro-1950s photos of herself and Ksenia Solo from season 2. With exception of cellphone in Laura’s hands, those photos could easily have been in a glamour spread of a 1950s movie magazine. Check out at:

👽  Coronavirus stay-at-home quarantine got you antsy? Then check out creator/executive producer’s David O’Leary’s Twitter account. He posts the latest news, shares fan artwork and tweets, and more. If you’re not following, now’s the time to do so. 😊

👽  Sofia Milos (Daria, season 2) posted an image to Instagram. Text reads “A call to solidarity launched by @vanityfair solidarity with #Italy , my homeland suffering right now the most , with a death toll of 15’000 people and 119’000 affected In our small #beautiful country of #Italia so far…” Rest at link below:

👽 You know her as Rebecca, the enigmatic ‘seer’ whom the CIA employs to draw prophetic scribbles, and which also introduced HyneQuinn to Agent Banks in “Hopkinsville.” Actress Hayley McLaughlin has joined the #FanArtFriday (and #RenewBlueBook) trend and contributed her own Rebecca-style scribblings on her social media. Very cool!

👽  And a reminder. As of this writing, Season 3 still has NOT been announced so if you’re willing and have time, please participate in the #PBB15DayChallenge at over on Twitter or grab images to share from It’s loads of fun to share what you enjoy most about any aspect of the series.

👽  Podcaster Arroe Collins, who usually shares a lot of music-related fare, posted this surprise six-minute interview on April 5th. Both Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen talk about the show. It’s great when these two get together (even if they’re separated by miles as both did this over the phone). And Aidan just couldn’t help but mention ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ again. 😉

👽  Neal McDonough shared this thoughtful #coronavirus-themed video of what his family drew on the sidewalk. You can view on his Instagram page.

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