Project Blue Book File #091219 (It’s a boy!)

Project Blue Book continues to take over the world! Epic Drama out of Romania dedicated their Facebook page to the series. I did get a kick out of Facebook’s translation of the show’s description: ” Military Aviation Officer and a sketch scientist are exploring ufo curtains in the cold-war crime. It’s National Security.”

Who knew UFO’s had CURTAINS! And ‘sketch scientist’ – I guess that means Allen is an artist.

This week, we also have more Aidan Gillen mentions including a piece he helped write about an Irish rock band called The Radiators.

AG: Well, I remain enthralled. All your favourite bands you always think of as superstars – but of course, now, I can see the tragedy of this band not becoming real stars. Phil did, I suppose, with The Pogues, writing one of their greatest songs ‘Thousands Are Sailing’ and The Radiators did reform a couple of times over the years, making a great and brave track in ‘Under Clery’s Clock’ later in the 80’s. But the huge potential revealed in Ghostown was never really realised. ”

Read the entire piece at Hot Press.

And if you’re a Peaky Blinders fan – watch out for SPOILERS. Aidan did several interviews about his character on that show and there are a ton of new episode reviews that rave about his talent, but they are full of spoilers. So if you’re in the US, waiting for it to come on Netflix, don’t click and read what Aidan has to say until you’ve seen the new season.

We’ll wrap this week up with the sweetest news, Project Blue Book star Michael Malarkey is a new dad. His son Hugo Konstantine Malarkey was born at the end of August. His wife Nadine (who was the photographer operating the mysterious radio message in Foo Fighters) posted several lovely photos of their newborn on Instagram.

Over on Michael’s Instagram, he offered his sweet thoughts on the occasion of his first son’s birthday.

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