Project Blue Book: HyneQuinn food reviews, “What Lies Beneath”, Aidan Gillen interview

Aidan Gillen & Michael Malarkey

Ever had a TV dinner? Apparently, they’re a foreign meal item to Michael Malarkey, as in this cute video short, he tells Aidan Gillen that “I’ve never eaten a TV dinner”. Aidan recalls when he first saw them “I really did think of them as the food of the future,” while Michael confesses that he’s had some “microwave meals back when I lived hard”. Just a note: 1950s TV dinners came in an aluminum tray with one large compartment for the main meal, and originally two smaller ones for ‘carbs’ and veggies 😉 Watch the full video as the pair dish their culinary expertise on this frozen delight at:

🛸  Trailers for the eighth episode “What Lies Beneath” are all over social media and it looks like things may never the same again with our favorite characters when the closing credits air.  You can check out a pivotal scene between Mimi and Susie, as well as a variety of clips which do not bode well for Quinn and Susie’s future happiness, at the links below. Although not shown in the clips, Agent Banks (Jerod Haynes) returns as tensions between the USAF and the CIA will no doubt ramp up.

🛸  Aidan Gillen is interviewed by SyFy’s @TaraDBennett (twitter). This magazine is on newsstands now, or if you’re more into swiping or tapping, you can download a digital version. Full details available at

🛸  In the March 8th Sunday Independent, theater director Joe Dowling said of Aidan Gillen in the play “Faithhealer”… “Aidan didn’t really know the play it’s wonderful to watch him discover the magic of Brian Friel’s writing. Aidan is going to be wonderful as Faithhealer,” Joe enthuses.

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