Project Blue Book: July 4th #SaveBlueBookSaturday, Michael Malarkey, Neal McDonough & Foreign Airings

Just a reminder that this Saturday, July 4th, is the next #SaveBlueBookSaturday! This time it’s targeted toward @FoxTV. Science fiction shows on Fox TV have included fan favorites such as The X-Files, The Orville, Fringe, and more, which is why this network would be a great new home for Project Blue Book! If you’re off celebrating the 4th, you can always ‘schedule’ your tweets! Find all the details at Also note the petition now has a new, easier-to-remember link:

And if you’re wondering how the campaign is going, the Twitter impressions ARE going up, which is great! That means more interaction with people, and hopefully this will catch a studio’s eye.

🛸Proyecto Blue Book began airing on @CanalTNT on June 25th. Here is one article about it which gives a breakdown of season 2 episodes for fans who have yet to see it. You can read at

@CanalTNT posted a dubbed scene from the season 2 opener “Roswell Incident” on their Twitter account.

🛸Michael Malarkey is doing a series of music-related chats on his Twitch channel ( over the summer. In them, he’ll talk about the development of his “Graveracer” album. On June 28th, he discussed the title song. Each Sunday at 1:00PM EDT, he plans to go through the songs, as they are in order on the album. To watch previous videos on his channel, you need to be a subscriber. Please note Twitch only archives videos for a few weeks, then they vanish into the ether 😉 His next scheduled chat is Sunday, July 5th. Don’t forget to follow him on his Twitter account, where he’s been rather active as of late.

🛸Neal McDonough posted a “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” article on his Instagram. Fun read!

🛸 Season 2 is currently airing in Japan. Latest tweet from @HistoryJP was a compilation of photos they posted leading up to the premiere.  You can view it here.

@HistoryJP may post a tweet each week. Here’s a new publicity image from “Roswell Incident” of the newspaper boy hawking the sensational headlines of UFOs.


🛸 Do you miss watching Project Blue Book? Your local library may have the DVD to check out! One library in Massachusetts mentioned it on Twitter.

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