Project Blue Book: May 20th Livestream with David O’Leary, #SaveBlueBook Update, Missing Scenes!

David O'Leary, Sean Jablonski, #SaveBlueBook

It’s been a busy week! Project Blue Book creator David O’Leary and showrunner Sean Jablonski will participate in a livestream interview with Open Minds UFO News’ Alejandro Rojas at  DenOfGeekUS’s Facebook page as well as their YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 20th at 7:00pm PT. They will discuss #SaveBlueBook, UFOs and more! If you’re unsure of the time in your area, use this handy dandy time zone converter.

🛸 Meanwhile, the #SaveBlueBook petition has now surpassed the 10K signature mark 😊, which is fantastic, but we’ve got a long way to go to get truly stupendous numbers, so please remember to share the link. One way is to contact your local TV critic, or even a national one. TV Guide/TV Insider responded to my simple viewer type question, but most importantly, they kindly posted the link to the petition! Their twitter feed (@TVInsider), comprised of over 100K followers, posted a link to the article.

We’ve seen other shares as well. The South African @TVSeriesHub, with 19K followers, retweeted Michael Malarkey’s tweet about the petition.

🛸 Actress Emma Cam posted a short video of herself on her Instagram (below). She’s dolled up as Many, a ‘bubbly’ 1950’s stewardess (aka air hostess aka flight attendant) who had a kissing scene. One wonders if that was the scene between Quinn and a stewardess in an early season 1 episode, which was eventually cut.

🛸 Lastly, History Channel has a lot of sister channels across the globe. Japan is one of them. Season 2 will be airing there soon so in preparation for that, HistoryJP is posting season 1 images and video trailers. This gem of a photo of Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen in flight suits from “Fuller Dogfight” swept through Project Blue Book fandom via social media. Hopefully HistoryJP will release new as-yet-unseen images in the coming weeks.

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