Project Blue Book: Merry Christmas!

Image by @Squibmo

🛸 Ksenia Solo is enjoying the holidays 😊

🛸 Musician/producer/podcast host Jeremy Bolm recently interviewed Michael Malarkey on a wide range of topics, including how he got into music, acting and more. Put aside about an hour to listen to this engaging interview. And although it takes a while, Michael does talk about Project Blue Book. 😊

🛸 Aidan Gillen’s lady Camille O’Sullivan, posted a video of their Christmas tree, along with its, er, occupant.

🛸 Below is some fan art for Christmas!

A lovely cast compilation:

An Aidan Gillen themed piece:

A silly HyneQuinn piece:

An even sillier video:

and wrapping it up, Michael Harney (General Valentine) wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Header image by @Squibo on Twitter.

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