Project Blue Book: Michael Malarkey, Aidan Gillen – new projects & more!

Hynek (Aidan Gillen) by Karen Keslen

July 5, 2021 – Latest update on what the cast has been doing.

First, if your interest in UFO has been piqued due to the recent news on government reports on UFOs, check out Project Blue Book at PeacockTV. It’s free to watch! It’s got great writing, a wonderful cast and two seasons, but fans definitely want a continuation. Over 31K fans have signed the petition.

🛸 Great news. Michael Malarkey will be in a new film. Shot in New Mexico, the short film Two Roads ‘is a universal and relatable story about a person who questions his or her purpose, and existence.’ The film is directed by fellow Vampire Diaries alumni Michael Trevino. Full details at IMDB page is sketchy at the moment but up at If you think the name of his character, Marlon, is familiar, it’s because that’s the name of his first child. Thx to @klouise1992 for the tip!

Fantastic news for European fans! Michael set his schedule for a 2022 tour. Details here and at his site. Tickets are up for sale. U.S. fans hope for a U.S. tour eventually. 😊

Michael’s been very active on Instagram, this time for humanitarian causes. You can check his Twitter (@mkmalarkey) for important music announcements, but his main social media is now Instagram.

He’s also back in his ‘happy place’ 😊 Yes, if you want to follow Michael, Instagram is the place to be.

Michael was recently interviewed by @MistahIslah, an award-winning actor and filmmaker, where they talk about music and social issues. Interview is forthcoming but a link below.

🛸 And a project mentioned last year for Aidan Gillen is finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Fan twitter account @thegilleners found this on the documentary series, Killers of the Cosmos. Real neat film noir cartooning of Aidan, to start. This show will appear on the Discovery’s Science Channel. You can read more about it in this article:

The entire first episode is available to watch for free at; however, the second and subsequent episodes, per tweet below, are not free.

An interview with Aidan about the series.

And a photo of him doing voice work for the show.

And if you think some of the scenes look similar to Project Blue Book, check out this scene-by-scene comparison!

Aidan continues his interest in music, as evident by this tweet.

Aidan’s Rose Plays Julie will be available on DVD on July 13th. More at

🛸 Laura Mennell made it through the brutal heatwave that swept over the Pacific Northwest and Canada by hanging out in an appropriate spot. 😊

The fan site Laura Mennell Online has posted two new images from the Hollywood Reporter interview done for season 2. You can see these images, plus a whole lot more, at

Laura’s character on Batwoman (Enigma) is now included in the Arrow Wiki at Like all good villains, Enigma did not survive her time on the series. 😊

🛸 Ksenia Solo is weathering the summer heat in style.

🛸 Neal McDonough is quite busy. He will star and produce the feature film Drops of Jupiter. describes the film as examining “the deep connection between a blind boy named Lion (Dominic Scott Kay) and an Australian girl with hemophilia named Eloise, watching as the pair live vicariously through each other’s perspectives… McDonough will play Dia, the king of a world known as Tara.” More details at

Neal will also be in the next American Horror Story. Deadline reports “Sources tell us that Yellowstone alum Neal McDonough is set to play the series regular role of Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower in Season 10 of Ryan Murphy’s FX series American Horror Story: Double Feature.” More details at:

🛸 Jerod Haynes (aka Agent Banks in season 2) is now starring in a recurring role in AMC’s 61st Street. Actor Lamar C. Brown posted this shot & several others at

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