Project Blue Book: Michael Malarkey, Aidan Gillen, Sean Jablonski & Blue Book Props

November 19 – Chats, films, interviews & more! Check the dates, as some are date-restrictive.

🛸 If you missed this interview the first time around, the online radio station Cocktails, Movies, and Stuff (@CMandSradio) is repeating the very fun Island City Radio interview with both Michael Malarkey and Sean Jablonski as they talk about the show and a lot more. Check it out this Friday, November 20th at 1pm PST/4pm ET. Tune in at

🛸 Michael Malarkey has joined fellow Project Blue Book castmates and joined CAMEO!

Make sure to book through the website, not your phone app.

Other Blue Book folk on CAMEO include Sofia Milos (Daria), Neal McDonald (Gen. Harding), Jill Morrison (Faye), and guest star Zach McGowan … so far. It’s a popular site!

🛸 Aidan Gillen’s movie Rose Plays Julie will air November 27-29th at the Margate Film Festival (for UK fans). Please note this film has limited tickets available and is capped to one viewing per booking. More details at tweet below:

🛸 As reported earlier, Project Blue Book will air in Italy on November 28th. Hopefully this will be the first of many tweets from RAI on Blue Book.

🛸 Since the props/set decoration were sold off from the Project Blue Book set, items have been popping up on eBay. Did you purchase any of these items? We’re writing an article on the props sold, why you bought it and what you’re doing with it. So if you bought a script, a ring, some paperwork, etc,, and would be willing to answer a few questions, please drop a DM to @wraithfodder (Elyse) on Twitter. Deadline is end of day on Thanksgiving. Thanks!

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